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Parking Garage and Transport Bond: 

(The below is in response to a series of email questions from Councilman Peltier, sent on Monday, September 25th at 5:45am) 

Here are my thoughts:

How do you feel about the idea of combining funding for non motorized facilities with  a downtown parking garage into one funding package?  

The Infrastructure Ballot Task Force is focused on developing a plan and funding approach for non-motorized facilities while there is currently a parking study being undertaken by an outside consultant to examine parking options downtown, to include a parking garage. I believe that a funding measure for our non-motorized infrastructure, to include key components of Core 40, should be funded separately from any downtown related parking or re-development efforts. Funding Core 40 in a piecemeal manner needs to end and a comprehensive non-motorized option should be carefully thought through and put before voters.

What is your position on the idea of building a parking garage downtown to provide 200-400 additional parking spaces?

I would look unfavorably and if elected likely vote no for a downtown parking facility that adds more spaces to the current mix. If a major goal of our Comp Plan is to reduce congestion and expand public and non-motorized transport, then this effort fails on both accounts. I personally feel we have plenty of parking and that a garage would be antithetical to our growth and development plans. Finally, it's important to note, and I've been saying this throughout the campaign, our residents need a proper accounting of their overall tax burden from ALL Island (and potentially County wide) taxing

Working through the currently in place Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG) as a mechanism, I would strongly push for island wide tax transparency into all capital facilities and any planned debt issuance. Citizens must have insights into current tax burden and any future issuance in a clear and easy to understand format on the City website. As a note, I would be opposed to any Councilmanic bond issuance for a parking facility. The voters must be allowed to vote on such a matter as they're the ones footing the bill.


Franchise Negotiations with Puget Sound Energy: 

I've met with and discussed the franchise agreement process with the City Manager. I've also been sent the franchise agreement from the City and have read it as well.

We will begin the negotiations in 2019 according to the City and by no means do we, as a municipality, have the right to lay down preconditions in which we have no standing. It’s been suggested that we have preconditions that PSE get off coal and move away from Colstrip 3 and 4, and drop its lawsuit against the state etc. If elected to Council I would use my influence to push our State Senators and Representatives, as well as the Governor, to exert pressure on PSE and the State of Montana; but within the context of negotiations we will focus on what we can control.

What is within our control are establishing reliability standards, investment levels over the course of the next agreement, and on PSE investment in on-Island renewables and battery technology. Those are items our Climate Change Advisory Committee should research, report to the Council and begin building our negotiating stance from. Further, to answer your direct question, our Climate Change Committee should be tasked with examining the feasibility of alternative providers to include, potentially, KPUD (this would be a large and costly inter-governmental task but worth exploring). We should indeed look at the cost benefit of other providers in the run up to the 2019 negotiations.

I believe that as a community we need to examine what our end goal for these franchise agreements should be: increased reliability and more on island sources of renewable energy. PSE is far from ideal, but I for one will not jeopardize (nor subject our ratepayers and tax payers and renters) critical funding for infrastructure, affordable housing, and better non- vehicular improvements for the creation of an Island controlled utility. If that does not align with some voters wishes then I respect that, and would like to hear from all sides on how we can align on common ideas. I'd love to see specifically what my opponent has to say on the matter and if he would, in writing, declare unrealistic preconditions to negotiating: PSE drop its lawsuit against the state and abandon its stake in Colstrip 3 & 4 by 2022. I will not waste our residents’ time or that of the Council on those matters that we cannot impact directly in discussions with PSE.

Rising Cost Projections on Proposed Police Station and Municipal Court: 

I've heard from quite a few voters  asking for my opinion and where I stand on the new Bainbridge police HQ. While I have said previously I am in support of a new police/public safety center, I cannot endorse the City Council's ~$30 million dollar facility, which does not include the cost of purchasing the land. I intend to speak with Chief Hamner about this, and my thinking in the next week or so.

Further, I have to express my concern over the current lack of fiscal responsibility by this Council. Bainbridge Island homeowners are about to see a massive rise in property taxes, jumping from $1.89 per $1000 of assessed value to $2.70. This would translate into a ~ $500 annual increase for a $500,000 property. Add to the fact that Islanders have not yet seen the hit from the fire department and school bonds, and the upcoming Kitsap Library levy and potential affordable housing levy in 2018 will add to property owners, and renters, financial pain.

Our City is on a spending spree: a $120,000 downtown parking study, a $2 million dollar bridge over 305, and serious discussions around raising the car tab fee to $40. It has to stop and we need to prioritize and begin thinking through our financial strategy for when times are lean and how we deliver on human services, public safety, and infrastructure improvements.


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