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It is my intent to run a campaign focused solely on the issues that impact our residents' health, safety, and well being. The fiscally responsible implementation of our City's Comprehensive Plan is at the core of my campaign and I intend to listen to your ideas and solutions for how we can continue to make Bainbridge Island a wonderful place to live. 

Preserving our Environment

Preserving the natural beauty and rich environment of our island will be a top priority if elected to City Council. The city can do much more to require sustainable practices and the use of renewables for new development, green roofing on city buildings, and the procurement of energy efficient vehicles.

Housing and Development

Our community is facing a deficit in affordable housing, pushing residents and local workers off the island. Coupled with a need for expanded public transport links, and being mindful of relieving traffic congestion, creating an affordable housing plan that addresses the short term challenges with an eye toward the future will be a priority during my term. 

Transparency in Governance

I believe that Bainbridge Island city government should be as open and transparent as possible to its citizens, island businesses, and other stakeholders. While the city has markedly improved its open records process over the past few years, more can and should be done to shine a light on municipal and city council processes and decision making. 

Transportation and Mobility

If elected I will focus on expanding affordable transport links throughout Kitsap County, pragmatic and innovative solutions to mobility issues, and the expansion of bike lanes along select, heavily trafficked roads on our island. 

Infrastructure and Capital Projects

The City needs to be proactive in assigning priority to infrastructure projects that impact public health and safety and not be distracted by developer or special interest projects.

Economic Development

If elected I will work with my colleagues on the City Council and government to promote creative solutions to build a diversified economy for our island while being mindful of our desire to maintain our rural way of life. 

Enhanced Quality of Life for All

I view enhancing the quality of life for all of our island residents as an overarching goal of my candidacy. Proactively addressing the needs of our LGBTQ community, expanding community access to mental health resources, and leading by example on gender pay-equity and expanding access to the arts are just a few examples of where our government can take a more active role. 

Tirman for Bainbridge (NP)
PMB 706
321 High School Road NE STE, D3
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 
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